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About Us

Print on Demand helps publishers, self-publishers, authors and brands transform the way they do business in the new world.

The way we do business has forever changed. In order for businesses to survive and thrive going forward they will need to be technology-driven, digitally-minded and online-focused.

We are now in the era of the on-demand economy.

The businesses that will be the giants of the next decade will be the ones that can satisfy consumer needs for instant gratification.

Print on Demand has spent the last several years investing in technology – hardware and software – to give our clients this edge in the market.


We believe that holding inventory can kill a business. The best way to increase margins, run lean and scale is by leveraging technology and e-commerce to do so.

Print on Demand is about helping its clients gain access to new markets and distribution channels. In the process we eliminate stockholding and migrate your business to an on-demand model. This way you only produce and procure once an order is placed by a paying customer. No more trying to predict demand for a particular product or writing-off huge amounts of inventory at year-end.


Our goal is helping you develop predictable revenue and not building a business based on hope from referrals.

This is the Print on Demand way.

Let us help you grow your business and transform you into one of the market-leaders of tomorrow.

They say that you are some of the people you surround yourself with. Print on Demand has made history 4 times in 5 years and has pioneered many South African, African and Southern Hemisphere firsts in our mission to redefine and reimagine print.

Join us on this journey to becoming a titan of the industry!