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  • Grounds of Tygerberg Hospital
  • Francie Van Zijl Drive
  • Parow
  • Cape Town
The primary focus of the Carel du Toit Centre is to offer early intervention to all children who are deaf or have a hearing loss in order to develop their speech. Children with hearing loss have the capacity to successfully acquire age-appropriate language through the use of suitable hearing technology together with committed parental support and quality therapeutic services. The ultimate goal is for each child to develop functional spoken language.
The Carel du Toit Trust was set up as the fundraising arm of the Carel du Toit Centre. The mission of Carel du Toit Trust is to mobilize and develop resources to advance whole-child development through early identification and spoken language for every child who is deaf by supporting and promoting the work of the Carel du Toit Centres, nationally – through:
  • Financially supporting all Carel du Toit centres/schools
  • Enabling universal access to the Carel du Toit spoken language methodology, audiological management and therapeutic support, ensuring optimal functioning for every deaf child in a hearing world.
  • Promoting the success and impact of the Carel du Toit spoken language methodology through advocacy, influencing policy and applied research.

All children deserve to hear and be heard!

Your donation to Carel du Toit Trust will reach further than you think. Your support will not only empower children with hearing loss to learn natural spoken language but will also have a lasting impact life through ensuring a brighter future.
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  • South Africa
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