How I Made Up My Job

  • How I Made Up My Job Find your niche by finding yourself By Riaan Fourie The nature of working isn’t changing – it has changed. Traditional jobs are fast becoming irrelevant or have changed so drastically that they wouldn’t be recognizable from a previous era. This change is a blessing for anyone wanting to start a business and find a way to express themselves openly through the work they do. It allows anyone to make up their job. In his debut book, South African entrepreneur Riaan Fourie lays out the blueprint for his success in making up his job, where, as an Artist Developer, he helped guide Grammy and South African Music Award winning recording artists find themselves personally and professionally – and helped them see that personal discovery leads to professional authenticity. Riaan, now 30, vulnerably and transparently demonstrates this principle in the book that serves as both a memoir of 15 years of entrepreneurship as well as a guide for any entrepreneur wanting to be more fulfilled in his working life. In 120 pages, Riaan connects the dots of how he found his authentic professional self and how integrity and accountability led him to make up his job. “You get to make up your job,” Riaan adds on the back cover of his book, “and this book hopes to unlock that potential in you. You get to bring all of what makes you incredible into your work and share yourself through the work you do every single day.” For parents wanting to give a helpful nudge to their youngster to start making moves – this book helps. For youngsters wanting to work and live on their terms and learn to give real value – this book can start that journey for them The concept of your working life and your personal life being two separate hasn’t worked and has left the majority of people forced to live unhappy and unfulfilled. “How I Made Up My Job” details a way of thinking for you to live and work authentically and to build a business that speaks to who you are and how you really want to create value in the lives of others.
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