Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

No, DTP is a way of designing and typesetting, not a way of publishing.

Only if you want to get published and distributed to bookstores.

No. All you need is an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which you can get free from the National Library of South Africa, or we can do it for you here ISBN Number.

No, only the expression of ideas. To protect an idea you need a trademark or a patent.

Like any contract: it imposes legal obligations on both parties. In this case, the author has to deliver a manuscript; the publisher has to publish and market the book at her cost.

A month is reasonable.

2000-3000 is considered a bestseller in the South African book market.

Quarterly, in arrears for sales of the previous period.

The publisher, but it normally reverts to you when the book goes out of print.

No, if you self-publish you can forward the manuscript to us and our editor will be in touch regarding the work you will require as there are various levels of editing that can be performed.

No they won’t if you have been communicating with reputable publishers, but don’t share ideas, write something first, otherwise, no one takes you seriously.

With Print on Demand’s technology, you now have the flexibility to add colour throughout your book.

A book that has been around for more than a year.

A new book.

By partnering with Print on Demand to distribute your book locally and internationally you can earn higher royalties.

A general book selling into the consumer market.

It is a trade name or brand or logo, like Penguin, Juta or PrintOnDemand.

Use a written proposal.

Use a style guide in a consistent way, either a general one like the Oxford Style Manual or one provided by the publisher.

After the book goes out of print.

When quoting a portion of another work.

On the PASA website www.publishsa.co.za.

Mainly the commissioning editor.

The author, unless he cedes the copyright.

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