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It’s not printed book vs ebook but printed book + ebook

The reality is that people don’t want to choose, they want choice (have their cake and eat it, so to speak). So we view the future with a hybrid approach where people choose what they want to read on based on where they are. When you’re on the sandy beach you don’t want to read on your tablet, you’d much prefer a physical book. On the plane, reading on a tablet seems more convenient. In your car, the audiobook may just be the most productive way to spend the commute.

eBook versions create additional revenue for publishers.

eBooks are probably the most logical way to diversify revenue, reach new markets and test demand in a relatively inexpensive and highly measurable way.

Print on Demand provides publishers with the opportunity to sell their ebook on every major marketplace in the world including:

We give you:

  • epub conversion
  • Uploading of titles globally
  • Royalty reporting

All you need to do is give us the price you would like to sell the title for and wait for your royalties to be paid.

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