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ISBN Number Registration

We’re able to register your ISBN number or help to generate a barcode for your book. Print on Demand recommends that self-publishers always register their title for an ISBN number — especially if it’s only for personal use. If you intend to sell the book, we suggest also placing a barcode on the back cover. Note that these are once-off costs.

For ISBN number registration, we need the following information:

  • Full title name
  • Name and address of author or publisher (we don’t recommend using a pseudonym for registration)
  • Contact details: physical and/or postal address, telephone number, cell phone number, fax number and email address
  • Information regarding additional formats of publication – such an eBook version
ISBN Number Registration R250 incl VAT
ISBN Barcode Generation R250 incl VAT
ISBN Number/Barcode R450 incl VAT

Barcode Service

We offer the service of generating SA barcodes. Email us your ISBN number, and we will send you your barcode back. We can produce any South African Barcode you require.

Register your ISBN Register your ISBN