Print on Demand provides authors, publishers and self publishers local and international distribution through our e-commerce network of leading online marketplaces.


This is an end-to-end print on demand service that we provide to our clients. It ensures that our customers are able to market and sell their books before they print.


  • No upfront print costs
  • No storage costs
  • No warehousing costs
  • Instant market access to every major market around the world
  • You control your retail price
  • Monetize all your titles including longtail and backlists
  • Delivery books to customers doors within 3 to 5 days anywhere in the world
  • Put your royalties on autopilot
  • Generate additional revenue through e-book and audiobook conversion of your titles

Our new system is now live!

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If you are a publisher, or looking to publish your own book, have a look at our new system and discover how we have made the process easier for our users.