All your event needs in 1 place

All your event needs in 1 place

Event marketing and display materials

Are you planning your next Exhibition? Launch Event? Wedding? Baby Shower or gender reveal? 


Whether you’re an event planner, wedding planner, PR agency, or simply love indulging in hosting parties. We want to hear from you! 


Executing a successful and bespoke event requires great planning, procuring, and execution. Most importantly, it hones your personal touch- Brand awareness, themes, we got you! 


With the assistance of our in-house graphic designers, we listen and aim to create your personalized requests, ensuring you deliver an event that ensues brand awareness- social engagement- reposts and hashtags or bragging rights as the best party host in town! 


Event marketing and display material include: 


  • Pull-up Banners
    Creating brand awareness for your business or event. 
  • Posters for every occasion:
    Welcome Signage, A-frame Signage, Seating Charts, Signage for Easel, Customized Party themes 
  • Floor and Window decals 
  • Invitations, thank you cards 
  • Vinyl’s and stickers 
  • Place and Menu cards 
  • Programme of an event 
  • Vouchers 
  • Event Flyer and Tickets 
  • Media wall or Instagram background  
  • Wall art and Pillar branding (wallpaper designs) 
  • Photo frame/ Photobooth prints and printed props 
  • Studio Access- Record your podcasts at our in-house studio 
  • Personalized gifts:
    Photo books, Canvas Prints, Table Calendars, Notepads, Diaries 


There’s nothing worse than running around like a headless chicken for your event requirements. Let us help you streamline the process with all your marketing and promotional material needs in one place.  


Are you planning your next event?  

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