Are your published books paying rent on the store shelf? Look no further. Book of 1 Prints upon order. Allowing you as the publisher to market and sell on your chosen platforms while we fulfill the print and delivery process to your ecommerce platform of choice.


The benefit to the publisher or self-publisher is that they do not need to print stock up front and likewise spend money upfront before they even get a sale.


With the book of 1 model, you are able to list your title on our local or international distribution channels and do your marketing first. Once someone purchases your title, the order is routed to our print on demand facility where it is turned into a job.

Once that single book of 1 is produced it is delivered to the online platform where the book was marketed on. It then makes its way to the end customer.


While all this is going on, you are not lifting a finger. You are just waiting to receive your royalty on autopilot.


By printing this way, publishers and self-publishers are able to reduce the risk of printing too many copies upfront. The other advantage is that they are able to monetize their backlists and keep all the books in their catalogue in print. It is also great if you’re looking to do pre-launch marketing to test the demand for a particular title.


This premium service means you can make more calculated and informed decisions when it comes to spending your hard-earned money on that next venture. But the benefits far outweigh the investment, ensuring that you are able to collect revenue from more titles, only spend after you have earned and reduce your overheads significantly.

Our new system is now live!

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If you are a publisher, or looking to publish your own book, have a look at our new system and discover how we have made the process easier for our users.