Has one of your out-of-print titles suddenly come back in demand? Are you seeing a new market for a title that you have no film or digital copy for?


Print on Demand offers publishers the ability to bring out-of-print titles back to life with our specialised scanning services.


We can scan in old, physical copies of a title to generate a new digital version.


We take the physical book and cut the spine off, scan the pages, clean up the files and layout the text in Adobe InDesign. We then have a new artwork file for the title that can be reprinted from 1 to 2000+ copies, based on your needs or the demand.


If a title resurfaces and sparks interest due to current affairs or newsworthiness you can respond with a quick turnaround by printing it on-demand, digitally, with us.


With our online distribution channels, we can ensure that your title is available locally and globally to consumers on all major e-commerce channels at the click of a button. This means that your title is now stored digitally and is always available, always in-stock and never out-of-print.


Best of all this is at no inventory cost to you!


If you are a publisher, self-publisher or author that wants to have a list of titles available at all times and monetise every title in your catalogue, then speak to us.

Our new system is now live!

Place your order today!

If you are a publisher, or looking to publish your own book, have a look at our new system and discover how we have made the process easier for our users.