The purpose of a training manual is to structure and plan the training of your employees throughout their employment. Having a training manual helps create a standardised plan that is going to take your employees to success. Training manuals and textbooks are the cornerstones of your business and allow employees to have a framework by which to operate and make decisions. They give employees the creative parameters by which they can operate effectively, efficiently and grow in order to maximize their positive impact on the business and ultimately your bottom line.


It does not matter if you have a small business with a handful of employees or a large corporate with thousands of staff members across the country or even around the world. When it’s this important to the success of your business, you print it…


By printing your training manuals and textbooks digitally you are able to produce short-runs that are personalised to the role and individual staff member. This also means that you are able to update your content frequently as the business grows, policies change and requirements evolve.


When you partner with Print on Demand you gain access to an online asset library, that is customised to your business and hosts all your company documents in one place. This asset library allows you to manage document versions, update artwork and order training manuals and textbooks from as little as one copy to as many as 2000+ based on your hiring and company expansion requirements.


Our team helps you control the training manual and textbook procurement by having a centralised database for your materials and giving branch level access for tasks like:


  • Offices can order directly
  • Procurement approval is centralised
  • The printing is done at our hub
  • Distributed is direct to the end branch


Our processes give you peace of mind that the most up to date information is in the hands of each employee, that costs are controlled and that there is no wastage.


If growing a scalable, systemised business is important to you then print with us!

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