If you’re a small company offering a limited range of products, the shrewdest thing you can do when it comes to packaging is to make use of custom short-run packaging. It’s especially useful if you factor in that you may be planning new product launches, seasonal promotions or niche customer experiences – all of which will require changes to your packaging on a quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis.

South African packaging manufacturers have had to shift their processes completely to accommodate these small business-packaging strategies. Small business owners, marketers and brands are now looking for partners who can adapt quickly, provide high-quality graphics in shorter lead times and with little to no minimum order quantities. Advances in digital printing technology make it extremely easy to order shorter runs of custom packaging without sacrificing quality or cost.

By partnering with Print on Demand you are able to leverage our ability to produce personalised marketing materials one-by-one or at scale with quick turnaround time and in full colour.

Digital printing ideal for short-runs

There are different kinds of commercial printing but the one that adds the most value by far is digital. Digital commercial printing is ideal for businesses seeking short-runs and personalisation.

It enables brand owners to get creative with print and get personal with their customers. This drives increased engagement and response rates. The opportunities are countless in terms of making a lasting impression on clients in a way that is tactile, relevant and valuable.

Custom short-run packaging offers various opportunities for small businesses. It can help new businesses launch when they are not sure of volumes; launch trial products; try new types of packaging; launch promotional products; produce regional variations; create collectors editions, and produce just-in-time packaging for e-commerce companies.

Top-quality print

Digital printing gives you quantity AND quality. With the rip of a high-resolution file, digital inkjet technology dispenses the exact amount of ink needed within the full CMYK colour spectrum. This means your brand colours are printed perfectly every time, whether you need 1 box or 1000.

Flexibility to change your look

A small business can test different styles, sizes and graphics for all its product lines. The options to customize packaging are endless and you don’t have to settle on anything less than affordably unique.


Quick turnaround

By eliminating printing plates and cutting dies, the options to customize size, style, material and print are quick and easy. When a small business places an order, the boxes immediately go into a production queue and can ship in as little as 5-10 business days. Digital production allows for continuous runs from job to job without multiple changeovers and setups.

Reduce your inventory

Small businesses now have the option of ordering small quantities of custom short-run packaging. For most SMEs, it could take several months to turn inventory on a monthly basis. High volume packaging orders may sit for six months to a year before they are completely used up. That’s money on the books that could be allocated towards marketing budgets or other investments. Not to mention, if a product, logo, or claim changes, that packaging now becomes waste. Small business packaging doesn’t have to be a lifelong investment. Order what you need, when you need it and save money while doing it with short-run custom packaging.


Why custom short-run packaging is perfect for SMEs

Product packaging is just as important as the brand story. Customising your packaging shows consumers you’ve put thought into each and every detail. It creates a memorable experience that they’ll connect with and builds brand recognition and customer loyalty. Whether you need one or 10 000, your packaging says it all.

With custom short-run packaging, there are no excuses for not having unique, yet cost-effective packaging that aligns with your brand.

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