Turn Traditional Print Runs into Stacks of Profit 


(No more large print runs, storage costs, or unsold copies – Just profit)

Which of These Challenges…


If these publishing challenges sound familiar, you’re certainly not alone.Publishers, just like you, are navigating the same intricate maze, wrestling with similar questions, and seeking answers to these very same challenges. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Welcome to Print on Demand, your trusted partner in the publishing world. We’re a dedicated team, an ally in your publishing journey.

With Print on Demand, you can truly focus on what matters most – the art and business of publishing – curating amazing stories, nurturing authors, and promoting literature – and let us handle the complex logistics.

Forget about the unnecessary overheads of large print runs, warehousing costs, and the uncertainty of projections. Say goodbye to the stress of unsold books and the lost profit they represent.

Get your publishing journey streamlined and efficient through our On-Demand model. We ensure every title gets its chance to shine, and every print run spells success. You don’t have to navigate the unpredictable seas of publishing alone. Instead, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable partner that adapts to the real-time demands of the market.

We’re not just a service – we’re your ally so you can refocus on the strategic aspect of your business – acquiring great titles, nurturing authors, and promoting the love of books. Let us handle print management, cost optimization, and real-time market adaptation. You focus on what you do best.

The future of publishing is here, and it’s…On-Demand.

Join us and experience the transformation.

Elevate Your Authors, Amplify Your Reach With Print on Demand

The most sustainable path to transform inspiring stories into tangible books…Tailored for forward-thinking publishers aspiring to enhance their authors’ voices, messages, and stories…even amidst the ever-changing publishing landscape.

Reduce Overhead Costs

By eliminating the need for large print runs and warehousing, you reduce unnecessary expenditure and increase profitability.

Mitigate Risk

Printing on demand means you're not left with unsold stock. You print what you sell, significantly reducing financial risk.

Increase Flexibility

With the ability to print on demand, you can respond to market demand quickly and efficiently.

Expand Your Offerings

Our model makes it easier to test new authors or niche genres without the commitment of a large print run. This opens up endless possibilities for expanding your catalog and finding unexpected success stories.

Optimised Profit Margins

With the removal of upfront costs and overprinting, your bottom line gets a healthy boost. You invest resources only in the books that sell, making every title a profitable endeavor.

Increased Cash Flow

By reducing overhead costs, you free up capital that would have otherwise been locked in unsold inventory. This increased cash flow can be invested back into your business, for instance, into marketing or acquiring new titles.

Adaptive Publishing

The ability to print exactly what you need when you need it means you can adapt quickly to changing market trends or sudden shifts in demand.

Improved Author Relationships

Authors will appreciate the swift and efficient publishing process, and the ability to keep their entire catalog available without warehousing challenges. This can lead to stronger, more positive relationships with your authors.

Audience Growth

With the capability to offer your entire catalog for print and the flexibility to test niche markets without significant financial risk, you have the potential to reach new audiences and grow your customer base.

Sustainable Practices

By printing only what's needed, you significantly reduce waste. This not only cuts costs but also aligns your business with sustainable practices, something increasingly valued by authors and readers alike.

Innovation Leadership

Embracing the print-on-demand model demonstrates your commitment to innovation. In an industry that can often be slow to change, being a leader in adopting new technologies can set you apart from the competition, appealing to both authors and customers.

Publishers Share Their Print on Demand Journey


Navigating the Publishing Landscape

Your Publications Deserve Excellence

Print on Demand’s innovative technology will elevate your books to industry-leading standards. Let’s streamline your process, expand your global reach, and increase your catalog’s visibility!

Flexible Printing Quantities

No more costly overprinting or stock storage. Print the number of books you need when you need them, from a single copy to thousands.

Fast Turnaround Times

Our process guarantees that orders are printed, bound, and dispatched in record time.

Quality Assurance

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures each print meets the highest standards of excellence, reflecting well on your brand and satisfying your authors and readers.


Our print-on-demand model minimizes wastage, aligning with sustainability values and promoting responsible publishing practices.

Global Reach

Through our extensive e-commerce network, we offer you the opportunity to reach a global audience.

Customer-Centric Approach

We are here for you, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, and maintaining open, responsive communication every step of the way.

Real-time Order Tracking

With our state-of-the-art tracking system, you'll never be in the dark. Track the status of your orders from placement to delivery, ensuring total transparency in our process.

Customised Solutions

We understand that every publisher is unique. Therefore, we offer customised print solutions to cater to your distinct needs, whether you're looking for special print types, paper quality, or binding options.

Long Tail Publishing Support

Your entire catalog, no matter how extensive, can now be accessible for print. With our on-demand model, even lesser-known titles can be readily available for your audience without incurring extra costs.

Your Vision


Eight years ago, I set out on a mission to revolutionise the world of publishing. My aim was clear: to provide an efficient, streamlined solution to publishers like yourself. I understood the intricate challenges faced by the publishing industry—overproduction, warehousing issues, budget constraints, and the unpredictability of market demand. It was through this journey that Print on Demand was born – a platform that has now grown to become a trusted global partner for publishers around the world.

Today, Print on Demand stands tall as a testament to the relentless commitment, extensive industry experience, and unwavering dedication to our publisher partners. Our primary goal has always been to create a platform that lets you focus on your core business, while we handle the logistics. We genuinely value the trust you place in us, knowing that each book is not just a mere product, but a profound expression of an author’s dream – a dream that you’ve committed to bringing to life. At Print on Demand, we pledge to treat your catalogue with the utmost respect and precision it deserves.

If you’re ready to transform your publishing model, boost your profitability, and efficiently reach global audiences, Print on Demand is here to support you. We are prepared to stand by your side and eager to convert your traditional print runs into stacks of profitable outcomes. Your titles deserve to be universally accessible, and I extend a personal invitation for you to join us on this extraordinary journey.

Your success is our mission. Together, let’s transform your publishing aspirations into tangible profits.

Yours sincerely,

Tertius Van Eeden

CEO, Print on Demand

Tertius van Eeden CEO Print on Demand

Partner with Us and Embark on a Journey of Growth & Success!

Additional Book Services


ISBN Barcode generation
Cover design

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Exploring Print on Demand


Absolutely! Print on Demand is ideal for both new and seasoned authors. Our dedicated team guides you through every step of the publishing process, answering your queries, and ensuring your publishing journey is smooth and fulfilling.

Yes! Our global distribution network is designed to reach readers across the globe. We eliminate international shipping hassles and ensure your book is accessible to readers wherever they may be.

You have complete creative control over your book. Our team of professional designers is here to assist and guide you in bringing your vision to life, but all final decisions rest with you.

Print on Demand is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. We utilize cutting-edge printing technology and adhere to stringent quality control processes, ensuring every book we produce meets and exceeds industry standards. This dedication to quality has been recognized on numerous occasions.


Most notably, we’ve won several prestigious GAPP Awards, a benchmark in the printing industry in Southern Africa. Our success in the “Digital Printing – Packaging Paper / Board” category, for example, demonstrates our ability to deliver exceptional print quality even in challenging projects. As an author, you can be confident that we apply the same award-winning attention to detail and commitment to quality to every book we print, presenting your work in the best possible light.

Self-publishing with Print on Demand offers authors a cost-efficient alternative to traditional publishing. We only charge for the services rendered, allowing you the freedom to set your book’s price according to market trends. Consequently, you have the potential to earn up to six times more in royalties compared to the traditional publishing model.

At Print on Demand, we respect your rights as an author. You retain full copyright over your work and are free to publish and distribute it elsewhere if you choose. Our role is to help you bring your work to life and make it accessible to readers around the world.

At Print on Demand, we believe authors should reap the maximum rewards of their hard work. That’s why we’ve set up a competitive royalty structure that allows you to retain a high percentage of your book’s net sales. We handle the calculations and payments, ensuring transparency at every step.

Your royalty earnings will depend on various factors such as the retail price of your book, the sales channel, and the cost of production. We pride ourselves on offering a generous royalty rate. For specifics, we recommend contacting our team who can provide a detailed explanation based on your book’s parameters.

We recognize the importance of consistent and punctual payments. At Print on Demand, we distribute royalties every quarter. This schedule accommodates potential international orders, as it allows any issues with the book to be resolved and the royalties to be adjusted accordingly.

The timeline to publish your book depends on several factors, including the length of your manuscript, the complexity of the design, and your own preferences regarding the review and revision process. Generally, once the manuscript is finalized, it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks to have your book ready for distribution. Our team at Print on Demand works diligently to ensure the process is as efficient as possible without compromising on quality.

Your book will be sold through an extensive network of online retailers, bookstores, and libraries. This includes well-known platforms such as Takealot, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other key outlets. Your book will always be available for order through online bookstores, expanding its reach even further.

Print on Demand’s distribution network spans the globe. We understand the importance of reaching a global audience and ensuring your book is accessible to readers, regardless of their location.

Yes, as an author partnering with Print on Demand, you retain all the rights to your book. We are here to support you in the publishing process, but the intellectual property remains yours.

At Print on Demand, we provide an array of services tailored for authors. These include professional formatting and captivating cover design to e-book and audiobook formats with global market exposure. Our comprehensive offerings are aimed to make your publishing journey hassle-free and successful.

Self-publishing is the process of independently publishing your book, without using a traditional publishing house. This gives you complete control over the entire process, from writing, editing to designing, publishing, marketing, and distribution.

Self-publishing gives you full control over your work, allowing you to dictate the creative process, set your own deadlines, and earn higher royalties. With Print on Demand, self-publishing also means professional support and guidance every step of the way.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It’s a unique identifier for books, which helps in tracking and distribution. It’s essential for your book to be sold through various retail channels. If you intend to sell your book publicly, you’ll need an ISBN.

While your work is technically copyrighted the moment it is created, registering it provides legal evidence of ownership, which can be beneficial in case of disputes.

Yes, we do. At Print on Demand, we offer both softcover and hardcover printing options. We believe in giving you the flexibility to choose the format that best suits your book and your audience’s preferences.

Print on Demand’s model is built to minimize costs for authors. With no need for large print runs or upfront inventory purchases, you pay only for the books you need. This cost-effective approach allows you to publish professionally without breaking the bank.

The financial success of a printed book, including eBook and audiobook formats, can vary greatly depending on multiple factors such as its genre, audience appeal, marketing, and more. Print on Demand ensures you receive the maximum possible royalties from each sale, and we can help you reach a wider audience to boost your earning potential through our global network.

We provide a dedicated easy-to-access online platform where you can monitor your book’s sales in real time. This helps you to keep track of your orders and earnings to understand how your book is performing in the market.

Print on Demand is not a publishing house however we assist self-publishers and authors with professional formatting, captivating cover design, and global distribution. Our goal is to let you focus on your passion – writing – while we manage the rest.

Absolutely. Print on Demand not only takes care of the digital format of your book like eBook and audiobooks but also provides physical copies. Whether you need a few copies for personal use, for promotional purposes, or large quantities for a book signing event, we have you covered. We offer both softcover and hardcover versions, so you have the flexibility to choose the number of books you need.